Alternative Retirement Planning

Are you tired of seeing fluctuations in your retirement account that amount to small gains and in some cases losses?
You work too hard for your money to allow catastrophic events that are out of your control to negatively impact your retirement portfolio. Learn how to use Permanent Life Insurance to set up a stream of lifetime income in retirement.
401K plans were never designed to sustain you in retirement.  The 401K was originally designed to be a secondary form of retirement, but for most today it is their primary form of retirement.  Learn how to leverage Permanent Life Insurance which allow you to share in the market gains but provide protection when the market is trending downward, so you never lose any money.
Over 68% of Fortune 1000 companies use Permanent Life Insurance to fund executive retirement plans.  They understand the power of using cash value life insurance to fund an employee’s retirement plan. Its ability to provide the stable growth necessary to create a predictable income is one of its most powerful features.

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